Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a core offering of our practice in downtown Toronto. In addition to performing manual physiotherapy on our patients, our experienced team of practitioners is passionate about teaching patients how to continue performing the exercises that will help strengthen and remedy the irregularities in their bodies in the comfort of their own homes. Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimal health and balance in their lives and get them feeling better than before by getting to the root cause of their pain.


In our office, we provide:

  • Manual therapy
  • Exercise prescription
  • Injury prevention
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Falls prevention
  • Functional screening
  • Sport-specific rehab
  • Return-to-work rehab


Physiotherapy Can Help Eliminate or Reduce Pain

Arguably the biggest benefit of physiotherapy is the fact that it has the potential to help reduce or eliminate pain entirely. When used improperly, the different muscular and skeletal structures in your body can cause pain in your back and neck and can even cause headaches and migraines. You may be experiencing symptoms of skeletal misalignment or you may be experiencing pain caused by prolonged strain or tension in your muscles and connective tissue. In whichever case, the manual therapy and the targeted corrective exercises and stretches that we teach at CW Rehab will help you to eliminate or reduce the pain you are feeling. 


Physiotherapy Can Increase Body Mobility and Balance

When your body is feeling less stiff, less achey, and in less pain, you are likely to experience greater mobility overall. The therapy and targeted corrective exercises that you will learn at CW Rehab will work hand in hand in helping your body move better and more efficiently. As your mobility improves, your body’s balance may improve alongside it and your risk for falls may decrease significantly. No matter what the case is, or what your goals are, our team of practitioners will work with you to develop an individual care plan that is catered to your specific needs. 


Physiotherapy Can Eliminate the Need for Surgery

If the manual physical therapy treatment and corrective exercises you are getting at CW Rehab are successful in eliminating your pain, there is a chance you may not need surgery to treat your injury. However, if it turns out that you do need surgery, the physical therapy you have received will help you to recover much quicker, and the targeted corrective exercises will help you gain and maintain your strength in the long run. 


Physiotherapy in Downtown Toronto

If you are in need of physiotherapy services in downtown Toronto and surrounding areas, we recommend that you book an appointment with us at CW Rehab. Our rehabilitative clinic is unique in the fact that we are a multidisciplinary rehabilitative health clinic with practitioners of all different backgrounds. All of our practitioners are committed to providing our patients with healthcare solutions that address their unique needs. 

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